Pray for Missions Trip to Minnesota!

Hey Church Fam,

A team from WCC is going on a short term Mission’s trip to Minnesota, leaving this Sunday, June 18th, and returning on Saturday, June 24th. We are going to serve two of our missionaries, Ash & Leanna SanFilippo (Treehouse) and Jim and Destaye Crawford (Team Serve).

At Treehouse we will be working on their properties by painting and organizing whatever they need help with. We will encourage Ash and Leanna by helping with projects at their home.

At Team Serve we will spend time with Jim and Destaye to get a detailed inside look at how their ministry works. We will be able to spend time with them and encourage them.

Here is your team: J.D. Elgin, Pand & Anne Soenksen, Abbie, Gracie & Kim Zeller, Ale & Mitchell Greenham, Esther, Kaitlyn & Jewell Brooks, Eve Grank, Lois and Adell Jewell, Nicole & Eve Frank, Malachi Marks, Mallorie Vissers, Ellie Kiiskila, Irene Humikowski, Phil SanFilippo & Ethan Richards would like to ask for your prayers!


  1. That our team would truly bless our missionaries
  2. Energy for the whole team
  3. That God is glorified through our work with each missionary
  4. People would see Christ in us
  5. Safe Travels
  6. Unity of our team as we will spend so much time together

Blessing in Christ,

The Minnesota Missions Team